BC 5380

Accessories : Standard one set reagent and PC included.


With autoloader and closed tube sampling functions¸ BC 5380 can bring you safety and convenience. Its design powerful software user friendly operation high performance cost efficiency and dynamic report format ensure end user satisfaction.


  • 5 Part differentiation ¸ 27 parameters¸ 1 scattergram and 3 histograms
  • Semi- conductor laser scatter combined with chemical Dye method¸Advanced Flow Cytometry
  • Only 20µl sampling volume with auto loader
  • Customization on reference range¸ auto-cleaning schedule and report format

More Information

  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What is the test principle involved?
    Flow cytometry..Impedence method for cell counting
  • What are the accessories provided as package?
    Accessories include startup reagents of
    Leo I Lyse
    Leo II Lyse
    LH Lyse
    and a compatible PC
  • What is the warranty of the product?
    Warranty is 1 year from the date of installation
  • What are the test parameters that can be performed?
    27 Parameters
  • Which type of sample used?
    EDTA venous capillary and whole blood
  • What is the sampling mode?
    Autoloader and closed tube
  • What is sample volume?
    20 µl
  • Throughput


Technical Specification

  • Priniciples: Impedence method for WBC¸RBA and PLT counting. Flow cytometry¸ Semi- conductor laser scatter¸ chemical Dye method¸ independent Basophil channel
  • Parameters : wbc¸lym%¸mon%¸Neu%¸Eos%¸Bas%¸Lym#¸Mon#¸Neu#¸Eos#¸Bas#¸RBC¸HGB¸HCT¸MCV¸MCH¸MCHC¸RDW-CV¸RDW-SD¸PLT¸MPV¸PDW¸PCT¸LIC%¸LIC#¸ALY%ALY#
  • Sampling mode: autoloader & closed tube
  • Throughput: upto 60 samples per hour with autoloader and upto 50 samples per hour with closed tube.
  • Sample volume :Whole blood 20µl and Prediluted 20µl
  • Test mode : CBC¸CBC+DIFF
  • Memory : upto 40¸000 results
  • Communication: LAN port supports HL7 protocols



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