Hemochroma meter

Standard accessories include

  • Power adaptor
  • Battery

Hemochroma strips

MRP :Rs 8000                                  Price :  Rs 6000

Hemochroma meter

It is a portable instrument to quantify the concentrartion of total hemoglobin in blood, it can be used in a clinical laboratory or in a point -of-care testing facility.


  • Based on photometry principle.
  • point-of-care instrument to detect hemoglobin in blood.
  • Results in 3 secs.
  • Memory 1000 samples.
  • Runs on AAA Alkaline battery and external DC adaptor slot available as option.
  • The result indicates an Hb concentration in units of g/dl.HCT is the calculated result

More Information

  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What is this meter used for?
    It is used for the determination of Hemoglobin and HCT count.
  • What is the test principle involved?
    LED based optical system
  • What are the accessories provided as package?
    Accessories include
    Power adaptor
    User manual
  • What is the warranty of the product?
    Warranty is 1 year from the date of installation
  • What are the test parameters that can be performed?
    Hb and HCT
  • Which type of sample used?
    Fresh Fingerstick Whole blood
  • What is sample volume?
    15 µl
  • Is it a strip based method?
    No it is a cuvette based method
  • Result Display?
    3 seconds

Technical Specification

  • Principle : Spectrophotometry
  • Sample : whole blood
  • Sample volume : 12-15µl
  • Detection range : 0.5-27g/dL
  • Results : approx 3 seconds
  • Data Storage : 1000 results
  • Power : 4*AA batteries or power from USB



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