MC1 : Single Channel Micro Coagulation Analyser

Standard accessories

  • 01 Automatic multivolume pipette
  • Power adaptor
  • User manual
  • Data cable

*Price includes GST and transport cost within India

Free installation within the states of Karnataka Tamil Nadu Kerala Telangana Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra and Goa

The economical coagulation System for small laboratories.The approved technology at highest technical stage.


  • Measuring channels: 1
  • Test method: mechanical, by ball
  • MICRO, MACRO: VET optional
  • Sample: hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood, citrated whole blood
  • Reagent: open system
  • Test volume: 75 – 600 μl
  • Result output: %, INR, ratio, sec.
  • Incubation stations: 2
  • Reagent stations: 2

More Information

  • Who is the manufacturer?
    Merlin Medicals Gmbh.
  • What is the test principle involved?
    Mechanical by ball method
  • What are the accessories provided as package?
    Accessories include Multivolume electronic pipette
    Power Adaptor
    User manual
    Data Cable
  • What is the warranty of the product?
    Warranty is 1 year from the date of installation offsite
  • What are the test parameters that can be performed?
  • What type of samples could be used?
    Citrated plasma.
  • Is it a open system?

Additional Information


MC 1: COAG SA 01

Technical Specification

  • Measuring channels 1
  • Test method mechanical, by ball
  • MICRO, MACRO, VET optional
  • Sample hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood, citrated whole blood
  • Reagent open system
  • Test volume 75 – 600 µl
  • Result output %, INR, ratio, sec.
  • Incubation stations 2
  • Reagent stations 2
  • Pulsed operation variable pulse / stop operation for the detection of lowest fibrinogen values
  • Calibration curve storage
  • Freely programmable calibration curve with 4 points and % evaluation



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