XL 3200T

Standard accessories: external computer with software

  • 1000 cuvettes.
  • 100 ml of X1 detergent.
  • 100 ml of X2 reagent
  • Standard one year warranty

*Price includes GST and transport cost within India

Free installation within the states of Karnataka Tamil Nadu Kerala Telangana Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra and Goa

It is a high-end fully automatic blood coagulation tester, It uses coagulation method, immune turbidimetry and chromogenic substrate method to accurately detect different coagulation items, with Ten Measuring Channels, Continuous auto loading of cuvettes with unique “Manipulator grip” system.


  • Instrument support PT/INR, APTT/RATIO, FIBRINOGEN, D-Dimer, LUPUS PANEL, AT3, FV APCR & Factor Assay Testing.
  • Measuring System: Mechanical (Ball Viscosity Method)/Chromogenic/Immunologic/Delta E Measurements with minimum 10 Channel Measurement.
  • Cuvettes: Single cuvette to support all the type of measurements. Minimum 1000 Cuvettes should be loaded on the system with automatic transport of cuvettes to testing for measurements and eventual discard in the bin.
  • Probes: Two probe robotic assembly for better throughputs and reduced cross contamination.
  • 100,000 patient data & 90days Qc Data.
  • Throughput: 180T/Hr samples per hour
  • Minimum 35 sample positions required(Convertible to reagents)
  • Up to 20 Reagent Position
  • At least Two stirrer positions for reagents
  • Automatic Liquid level detection

More Information

  • Who is the manufacturer?
    Beijing Zonci   PRC
  • What is the test principle involved?
    Optical method..Turbidometery and Nephlometery technologies
  • What are the accessories provided as package?
    Accessories include External computer with software
    1000 cuvettes
    100 ml X1 detergent
    100 ml X2 detergent
  • What is the warranty of the product?
    Warranty is 1 year from the date of installation onsite
  • What are the test parameters that can be performed?
    PT/INR..APTT..FIB..TT…Drvvt Screen..Drvvt Confirm …Factor Assays..Protein C..Protein S…FAC-V Leiden(APCR)…D-Dimer..Anti thrombin  etc
  • What is the throughput?
    180 T/Hr
  • Measuring channels
  • Inbuilt Barcode Reader Available?
  • Cuvette loading capacity

Additional Information


XL 3200T: COAG FA 04

Technical Specification

  • Ten measuring Channel 
  • Methodology: By Viscosity (Magnetic induction) for clotting, Optical chromogenic, Optical immunoturbidimetric, Optical Delta Measurements
  • Automatic /Manual Calibration Function
  • Built IN Refrigeration for reagents.
  • Level Sensing Probe
  • Abnormal test results alarm and automatic retest function.
  • Test Speed: 180 Test/hour.
  • Units: Seconds, INR, %, g
  • Probe: Dual probe dedicated for primary and secondary reagents.
  • Cuvettes: 1000 cuvettes walkway transported & discarded by a dedicated sheathed manipulator.
  • 35 sample position with integrated barcode reader for samples.
  • 20 Reagent position including 2 dedicated position for stirring for PT and APTT.
  • The instrument has On-board refrigeration for reagents.
  • It can derive and interpolate the multi dilution curves.
  • Supports multilevel QC, westgard rules for data acceptance or rejection and L-J Charts
  • Supports barcode reading facilities , LIS interfacing , bidirectional.
  • On-board stirring.



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