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Routine Parameters in Coagulation Testing Special Parameters in Coagulation Testing Controls for Coagulation Testing
  • QuickCoag PT-HS
  • QuickCoag APTT-EA
  • QuickCoag Fibrinogen
  • QuickCoag Thrombin Time
  • Factor VIII Def Plasma
  • Factor IX Def Plasma
  • Blue D-Dimer Kit
  • ATIII( Chromogenic)
  • ProtienCKit( Chromogenic)
  • Protein C Deficient plasma (Clotting)
  • Protein S Kit (Clotting)
  • DRVVT/LUPUS Screening Kit
  • DRVVT/ LUPUS Confirmation Kit
  • Factor V ( APC-R ) Leiden Kit
  • Other Factor Assays
  • QuickCoag Control Level 1
  • QuickCoag Control Level 2Multiparameter Special Control Normal
  • Multiparameter Special Control Abnormal
  • D-Dimer Control High
  • D-Dimer Control Low
  • L A Control Normal
  • LAControl Abnormal
  • APCR Control Low

Reagents for 3 Part Diff HematologyAnalyzer Reagents for 5 Part Diff HematologyAnalyzer Reagents for 6 Part Diff HematologyAnalyzer Controls for 3 Part/5 Part and 6 Part Diff HematologyAnalyzer
  • Triscan Diluent
  • Triscan Lyse l
  • Probe Cleaner
  • EZ Cleaner
    • KT 05 Diluent
    • KT 05 Diff Lyse
    • KT 05 LH Lyse
    • EZ Cleaner
  • M18 Diluent
  • M18 Rinse
  • M18 Lyse
  • Probe Cleaner
  • EZ Cleaner
  • BC 3D Control for 3 Part HematologyAnalyzer
  • BC-5D control fro 5 Part HematologyAnalyzer
  • BC-6D control for 6 Part HematologyAnalyzer
  • Probe Cleaner
  • BC-RET Control for 6Part HematologyAnalyzer

Nephlometry kits for PA 50 & PA 54 (2*25T)
  • HBA1C
  • CRP
  • HS-CRP
  • ASO/RF
  • mALB
  • Anti-CCP
  • CYS-C
  • D-Dimer
  • Ig/G
  • Ig/A
  • C3
  • C4

Reagents for GE-300 Electrolyte Analyzer Maintenance Pack for GE-300 Electrolyte Analyzer Electrodes for GE-300 Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Reagent pack for GE 300 DS-1-STD A/B
  • DS-Reference Electrode filling Solution
  • QC Solution
  • DS-ISE filling Solution for(Na,K,Cl)
  • De-Protein Solution
  • Cleaning Solution
  • PVC Electrodes Activation Solution(Conditioning Solution)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Sodium(Na)
  • Calcium(Ca)
  • Chloride(Cl)
  • Lithium(Li)
  • Ph
  • Reference

Reagents for Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Strips for use in H100/500
  • Control Solution for use in H100/500

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