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Composite Coagulation Experts

Operon Biotech and HealthCare is an professionally managed IVD company HQ @ Bangalore.  Author: Afser Shariff Operon Biotech and HealthcareDelivering Solutionswww. operonbiotech.comLINKEDIN | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ We have always been about delivering meaningful and […]

qLabs PT/APTT Monitoring System Monitoring the Effectiveness of Blood Thinning Medication

A PT/INR test helps ensure the effectiveness of the anticoagulant drug warfarin (Coumadin®) and that prothrombin time and internationally normalized ratio is appropriately prolonged.  PT-INR tests measure the blood’s ability to clot. Blood normally […]

Protected: World Hemophilia Day

Author: Afser Shariff | Email: info@localhost What are bleeding disorders? In people with bleeding disorders, the blood clotting process doesn’t work properly. As a result, people with bleeding disorders can bleed for longer […]

PT/INR Hand-Held Device

Patients selecting mechanical heart valve replacements are typically required to monitor their INR levels (international normalized ratio) to prevent risks of blood clotting, haemorrhage or stroke.To ease this process, home […]