Chorus trio

It is a Multi-parametric analyzer for infectious disease and autoimmunity testing with ready-to-use single test devices. Supports wide range of assays including (markers). Single test cartridge with built in controls ensures minimum wastages and maximum output.

  • Package – Standard accessories
Chorus Trio:

Chorus Trio is a multi parametric , compact bench top analyzer for autoimmune and infectious parameters. It utilizes single test cartridge based system, where in all the reagents required to perform a particular assay are pre filled with in the cartridge.

Technical Specification

  • Mode of Operation – Random access & Batch
  • Up to 30 different assays per run
  • Touch-screen LCD
  • Internal bar-code reader
  • Built-in-thermal printer
  • Multi-wavelenght photometer: 610, 650 nm
  • Master curve procedure with 1 point calibration
  • Storage of all data of the last 20 session
  • Bidirectional connection to Host Computer
    (RS-232 serial port)
  • Power supply: 110/220 v 50-60Hz 360 W
  • Weight: 45 kg