Maglumi X3 immuno analyzer

Is a new age compact CLIA system designed for high throughput labs manufactured by Snibe. It’s a bench top model (comes with an external computer for easy programming and testing options). Maglumi X3 delivers a throughput of upto 200T/Hr and for the first time from Snibe offers single cuvette testing to avoid wastage.

  • Package – Standard accessories
Maglumi X3 immuno analyzer:

The MAGLUMI® X3 fully automatic analyzer is designed for quantitative and qualitative in-vitro diagnosis.
It is one of the highest space efficient CLIA analyzer with throughput of 200 T/Hr. It has a smaller and higher space efficieny which is upto 290T/Hr.
Through CLIA test menus different needs for immunologic diagnosis can be adequately fulfilled.

Technical Specification

  • Throughput: maximum 200 tests/hour
  • Continue to use MAGLUMI® reagent kits with perfect compatibility (194 parameters)
  • Reagent positions: 20
  • Sample positions: 72
  • Single reaction cup with integrated packaging