XL 1000e is a fully automatic blood coagulation analyzer using Dual technology for clot detection and thus supporting wide range in hemostasis testing. XL1000e has a throughput of 120T of PT/Hr and suitable for labs with sample workload of 40 and above per day.

  • Package – Standard accessories
XL 1000e:

A fully automated bench top coagulation analyzer to perform mechanical clotting assays, immunolatex tests like D-Dimer, chromogenic tests, PT Derived Fib. XL 1000E has a Throughput of 120T//hr with 35 Sample and 20 reagent positions on board with tilt design.
The instrument supports 1000 Cuvettes loading at a time.

Technical Specification

  • Methodolgy: By viscosity (mechanical for clotting); Optical chromogenic; optical immunoturbidimetric; optical delta measurement
  • Test cannels: unique 4 measuring channels with aurro dilutions/ duplicate testing options
  • Probe: Level sensing high speed probe
  • Barcode: Integrated barcode for samples
  • Connectivity: LIS compatibility; bidirectional
  • Extensive L-J Charts with multi level control programming and westguards rules for data acceptanceand rejection
  • Weight- 80kgs