RGB sinocare safe accu2 glucometer & test strips

Safe Accu2 glucometer is intended to test glucose levels in fresh capillary blood and vein plasma and for glucose measurements. One of the best glucometer in the market today where the reports generated by the meter could be compared with the lab reports.

Standard accessories include

  • Meter – 01 Nos
  • Strips -10 T individually wrapped
  • Lancets – 10 Nos
  • Lancing device- 1 Nos
  • AAA Batteries- 2 nos
  • User manual – 1 Nos
  • Carrying pouch

RGB sinocare safe accu2 glucometer & test strips:

RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor offers Latest technology with accuracy and safety For Regular Monitoring And Screening Of Blood Glucose Levels.
It provides features like – Result indicator- Green and Red light for Low , High and Normal test results along with the Strip Ejecter for contact-less strip removal.

This device is evaluated in India’s top labs and have been certified due to high correlation with Gold Standard Lab devices.
RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 glucometer Strips are designed only for Safe Accu 2 Meters .Strips packing is 25 X 2 Bottles pack in one Box.

Technical Specification

  • Blood Sample : Fresh Capillary whole blood
  • Calibration sample : Venous plasma
  • Test range : 20-600mg/dL(1.1-33.3mmol/L)
  • Blood Volume : 0.6 µl
  • Memory : 200 test results
  • Battery lifetime : Above 1000 times
  • Data Management : 7,14,28 days average readings option
  • Shelf Life : 6 months from the date of opening of the vial Individual Strip Shelf Life – 2 Years from the date of manufacturing.