Maglumi 600

Is an entry level batch analyzer on a CLIA system from Snibe which is well established company. Most suitable for low budget and low throughput labs without compromising on the wide menu options that Snibe offers on all Maglumi models.

  • Package – Standard accessories
Maglumi 600:

Maglumi 600, is a chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System with a throughput of 180 tests per hour, capable of performing more than 166 parameters.
It works under the technology of ABEI and Nano magnetic microbead which enhances stability and sensitivity of Maglumi reagents thereby providing accurate results.

Technical Specification

  • Mode of Operation – Random, Batch & STAT
  • Clot detection
  • Liquid level detection for reagent
  • Auto and optional ratio for high sample dilution
  • Reagent positions: 4
  • Sample positions: 16
  • Constant 37’C incubation
  • Calibration stability: max 4 weeks
  • Connectivity: Supports LIS integration via COM or network card
  • Certificates: FDA approved
  • Weight: 56Kg