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A Brief

Operon Biotech and Healthcare is a professionally managed IVD company HQ at Bangalore. We are recognised by people who have more than a decade of experience in this industry. We are a team of competent people on board, young, energetic, enthusiastic.

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We’ll ensure you always getthe best Results.

We are an organisation focussed on important in-vitro diagnostic tools for use in clinical laboratories, Healthcare and point of care testing.

Our key strength lies in strong product line¸reputed customer base and excellent customer support. We revel in field of Coagulation and constantly work to add business value in the field of coagulation.

Our expertise is in choosing the right instrument for our customers so that they always get the right result.

Years Expertise in Coagulation Testing and Results Interpretation
Major Exhibition Participation
Active Distributors across India and growing

Q3 model newly launched click here for more details.

Explore Our Instrumentation Series

Choose from range of Coagulation instruments and reagents, hemostasis, nephlometry and biochemistry

Coagulation Analyzer

Our products in coagulation includes several models in semi-automated and fully automated. We believe in continuous improvements and surprise our customers with latest innovations in coagulation.

Semi-Automated Series:
  • CA51
  • MC1
  • CA 54
  • Coag 2D
Fully Automated series:
  • XL 1000 series
  • XL 3200 series

Coagulation Reagents

BioMedica Diagnostics develop and  manufactures the QuikCoag brand of products a comprehensive line of reagents, kits, calibrators and controls for use in routine and speciality coagulation. QuikCoag products are represented in India through Operon Biotech and Healthcare. The QuikCoag controls offered by BioMedica has values for Optical and Mechanical instruments thus giving more flexibility for us to penetrate the market. The QuikCoag line of products are FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked and/or Health Canada registered.

  • Routine Parameters
  • Speciality Parameters
  • Controls and calibrators buffers and more

Point of Care Testing Devices

Point of care (POC) diagnostic devices is used to obtain diagnostic results while with the patient or close to the patient. Used in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and with “self-testing, POC diagnostic devices give quick feedback on many critical investigations.

Our POCT devices in Coagulation
  • Q1 PRO
  • Q2 PLUS
  • Q3 PLUS
  • Test Parameters PT/INR/Combo Controls
  • Printer and Bluetooth
Our POCT devices in Hemoglobin Testing
  • Hemochroma
  • True Hb meter

Hematology Analyzer

Explore our latest models in Hematology analyzers from 3 Part to 6 Part Analyzers with latest technologies and different parameters to detect.

With more than 250 active installations of our 3 part Hematology Analyzer, “Triscan Duo”, we have proved that its among the most dependable dual chamber 3 part differential analyser in market today. We also offer an entry level 5 part under KT series and an advanced 6 part under BC series to almost complete the hematology instrument range.

    • Triscan
    • KT 6600
    • BC 6800

Biochemistry Analyzer

Explore our semi automated to fully automated biochemistry analyzers followed by protein anlyzers, electrolyte analyzers and latest urine analyzers with advance technologies.

Meet our indigeniously manufactured semi auto chemistry analyser “chemexpress” with stabilised photo optical mechanism for more dependable and reproducible results. Our imported line of BK series in automation is backed with Gold standard and dedicated PA series of Nephlometers makes a good portfolio in an Biochemistry segment.

    • Chemexpress
    • BK Mini
    • BK 200
    • PA 50
    • PA 54
    • Reagents & consumables
    • Controls & calibrators
Qualified Staff

Our IVD and POCT business is professionally handled by a dedicated Sales/Service team. We listen carefully to our customers requirement and work closely for a win-win solution.

Latest Equipment

We believe in continuous improvements and surprise our customers with latest innovations.

Highest Quality Results

Advance technologies incorporated in and across our instrument line make them a reliable product thus helping the doctors with a best quality reports.

Excellent after sales support

Our band of qualified engineers and backend support are available to provide timely support.

Unmatched expertise

Meet the composite coagulation experts. We offer wide range in coagulation from routine parameters to special testing parameters. We can be your one stop solution for our offerings in coagulation.


Operon Biotech and Healthcare is a MSME registered ISO-9001:2015 certified. It is also certified by SMERA and India ratings.

Our Other Specialisation

With rich experience in hand dealing with Indian IVD industry we could extend our services to a stand-alone lab or a lab of tertiary care hospital with high competence.

Lab setup at all levels (small medium or high)
Turn key projects (Private or Govt)
Govt. Business Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Operon Biotech and Healthcare is a professionally managed IVD company HQ at Bangalore. We have always been about delivering meaningful and practical solutions in the fields of IVD/POC and Healthcare. We also are better known to offer such solutions in the field of coagulation.

Our core focus lies in Coagulation. We have a wide range of semi automated and fully automated coagulation analyzers with different methodologies which caters from low end to high end labs. Our coagulation systems are backed with world class QuikCoag reagents from BioMedica Diagnostics inc.Canada. BioMedica Diagnostics is a global manufacturer of Hemostasis reagents. Further our POCT line in Coagulation is focussed on patient who are on Oral Anticoagulant therapy who find Q1 PT-INR Meter very handy and useful as its designed for personal home testing. We also offer another Q2 Plus variant in POCT testing for Professional which provide doctors instant  PT/INR/APTT results with just a fingerprick. Q2 Plus has internal barcode reader and optional personal printer. It is also Bluetooth enabled. Click here to know more about our newly launched Q3 elctrometer for more details

Our strength lies in the strong product line reputed customer base and after sales support.

  • What is your offering in Hematology?

With more than 250 active installations of our 3 part Hematology Analyzer  “TriscanDuo”.We have proved that its among the most dependable dual chamber 3 part differential analyser in market today.We also offer an entry level 5 part under KT series and an advanced 5 part and 6 part under BC series to almost complete the hematology instrument range.

  • How are you positioned in Biochemistry segment?

Meet our indigeniously manufactured semi auto chemistry analyser “chemexpress”with stabilised photo optical mechanism for more dependable and reproducible results.Our imported line of BK series in automation is backed with Gold standard and dedicated PA series of Nephlometers makes a good portfolio in an Biochemistry segment.

Our product line in coagulation includes several models in semi automation and fully automation. From single channel coagulation system suitable for low end labs to our XL series of fully automation catering to high end throughput labs. Our coagulation systems are backed with world class QuikCoag reagents from BioMedica diagnostics inc. Canada. It develops reagents/diagnostic assays in area of its expertise in Hemostasis or Thrombosis. Be it routine or speciality reagents count on BioMedica. Count on Operon.

qLabs electrometer is a handheld device with disposable test strips using biosensor technology enabling two important coagulation tests with just a finger prick


The different models available on qLabs platform are:

Q1 – PRO for PT/INR testing: qLabs platform enabled patients themselves can access real time lab quality results within minutes right at point of care or at home without affecting patient lifestyle. It is the most promising device today to monitor Anti-Coagulation for patients be it beside or home.

Q2-Plus for PT/INR/APTT for Professional Testing: Professionals can use at their clinic for PT/INR/APTT testing. APTT test is a general coagulation tests used for  screening and measuring the functionality of the intrinsic coagulation pathway. Widely used to screen two important bleeding condition namely Hemophilia A & B.

Q3-PLUS: Touchscreen handheld rapid testing platform with option of estation II docking system.All the three parameters PT/INR/APTT tests could be performed with just a fingertip whole blood, fresh venous whole blood or citrate whole blood.

Q1 Pro model is ideal for patients on oral anticoagulants

Q2 PLUS &Q3 PLUS is recommended for Professional Testing

qLabs Electrometer is a Point of care testing device and since it does not require any calibration so we usually guide the customers over phone for time to time software upgradation and resolve the technical queries if any over the phone.

In our routine reagents of QuikCoag brand the shelf life is more than 12 months. In our POCT range the shelf life is about 15 months.

Yes the strips are easily available and you can purchase directly from the company or from the authorised local stockiest.

With the exciting product range in our basket we are gradually expanding our footprints across India.In this short journey we were able to serve some of the prestigious and famous health care providers in India.

Our happy clients to name a few

Few of our Reputed Global Partners