XL 3690

XL3690 is a high throughput fully automated Coagulation system designed with a integrated touch screen computer. It’s a 1000 test walkaway system with 58 reagents and 68 sample positions. It supports all multipoint calibration testing with robust quality control management system on-board and bi-directional LIS communication.

  • Package – Standard accessories

XL 3690 is an 10 Channel, automated floor model coagulation system with integrated PC. It combines many methodologies to support Mechanical Clot, Chromogenic and Immunolatex testings. The instrument supports continuous sample and reagent loading with dual probe.

XL3690 has a throughput of 600T of PT/Hr and suitable for labs with sample workload of 100 and above per day.


Technical Specification

  • Double probe for max efficiency and speed.
  • Also comes with Integrated barcode and supports LIS.
  • Reagent & sample Site: 60 Sample and 58 Reagent positions, the reagent position also have the function of manual setting and positioning.
  • Test Menu: routine tests PT, APFT, FIB, TT, Special tests Including D-dimer, FDP, AT-III, Factor Assays, Lupus Panel, Thrombotic panel
  • Measure in channel: coagulation 10; immunoturbidimetry & Chromogenic 9
  • Preheating Site: 40; cuvettes at 37 Cconstantly preheating
  • Cuvette : ≥1000 Magnetic cups
  • Abnormal result and insufficient reagent with Automatic probe switch, insufficient cuvettes, reagents, solutions, and cover opening alarms