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Operon Biotech and HealthCare is an professionally managed IVD company HQ @ Bangalore. 

Author: Afser Shariff

Operon Biotech and Healthcare
Delivering Solutions

We have always been about delivering meaningful and practical solutions in the fields of IVD/POC and HealthCare. We also are better known to offer such solutions in field of Coagulation.

Our product line in coagulation includes several models in Semi Automation &  Fully Automation. The MC-1 Micro : A single channel coagulation system from Merlin medicals, GMBH works on the Gold Standard Ball Method Technology most suitable for Low end labs. The XL-1000i is a trendsetter in entry level automation and serves as an ideal replacement for an 4 Channel Semi Automated Systems. The XL-3200 series caters to high throughput labs.

We are different because we can address the specific needs of customers. We listen carefully to the requirements of our clients and then work closely with them for an win-win solutions. Backed with excellent service/tech support, the end result of this positive partnership is not difficult for one to imagine.

Our coagulation systems are backed with world class “QuikCoag” reagents from Biomedica diagnostics inc, Canada. Biomedica Diagnostics is a global manufacturer of Hemostasis Reagents based out of Windsor, Nova Scotia. It develops reagents/diagnostic assays in area of its expertise in Hemostasis/Thrombosis. Be it routine or speciality reagents, count on Biomedica…. Count on Operon…

We believe in “Continuous Improvements” and surprise our customers with latest in innovations in coagulation.

Micropoint bioscience HQ in Santa Clara, California with an GMP ISO 13485 Certified Mfg facility in US and ASIA is a global provider of rapid, accurate poc systems. The qLabs electrometer is a handheld system with disposable test strips using advance biosensor technology enabling two important coagulation tests with just a finger prick:



The test strips are individually foil packed with longer shelf life. The advance technology used in qLabs makes the product highly precise. qLabs reports generates lab quality reports and just in about 2~7 minutes with 10ul of Whole Blood.

It also boasts of wireless communications for smooth data transfer and helps you with a hard copy prints, thanks to the docking E-Station designed especially for qLabs electrometer.

It’s Bluetooth enabled and supports barcode reading.

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